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G'K'R' GET'KIDs'READY' Karate Joe Estrada starts to RAISE the profile of Martial Arts
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"WHAT does G.K.R. mean ............... to Sensei Joe C Estrada "

I started fulltime Martial Arts on the 15th November 1991 and closed down my previous business, because I wanted others to benefit from the Martial Arts , if you cut me in half, like a piece of ROCK, you'd see MADMAG'K'R' through the core. I started in Judo first at School and then at 17yo in the Royal Navy and after went into various Martial Arts :) depending what port I was in !
Write YOUR BOOK Story and EMPOWER Kids , mine in book "MARTIAL ARTS mind at 5".

I was the Founder in 1993 MADMAG'K'R' in Sydney .......... Thanks to Our Great team of MADMartial Artists :) I was the 3rd Founder to leave Adelaide and Helen and I went to Sydney and in those 7 years we built a  base of students training from zero - and touched 1500 students training in a week.
In the first 6 mths we exceeded 500 students !!

In 2000, we gave away everything in Sydney and Helen, I and 2+1/2 year old Tarley Winter moved our complete life in "one week" to London, UK ... TO HELP  and with a team of commited instructors we took the base of students from 914 to 6588 training in a week ... and trained up a lot of Black Belts in that time, that was Fun.
"Its the only colour that goes with white, lol".

In 2007 because of LIES, GREED and LIFE MADMA G.K.R. took on a new and Bigger Need we saw  .............................. GET. KIDS. READY. for a Better Future ... !!!

I've been to government debates, done workshops with Kids and Family's, Schools and Colleges and realised it doesn't matter what Martial Arts discipline you practise or Teach.
Martial Artists generally have a GOOD reputation and UNITED with Coach's and Parents can Make A Difference.
" Get Buzzy Ambition Coach " is to HELP this Unity and merge this Connectivity.

* JOIN in to be M.A.D. - Make A Difference !!!

I continue to connect with likeminded Martial Artists, Coach's and Parents and I am determined to Make a Better path for ALL Kids !!!

Global Martial Artists "UNITE" & Step up for ALL Kids Futures !!!

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MADMA Sensei Joe C Estrada - Get Buzzy Education CEO &;


" My 20 year journey travelling to Black Belt, through ... Judo, Aikido, a few Karate styles, Kung-fu and a 21st century philosophy" !!

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Friday, May 22, 2009

What is Sensei Joe Estrada ... doing NOW ...he's gone MAD ...that's right ... He's out to Make A Difference ... YOU can HELP to !!

* ALL Instructors, Coach's and Parents can make a BIG difference ... In the Martial Arts we already encourage, train hard and push towards achieving that next sash, grade and belt. I believe and not just I, many in government education and senior positions, know of the benefits, the self-discipline and tenacity that the Martial Arts reveals in a student.
We know from years of training the respect that you gain for your art, your skills and other people.
You gain abilities to "achieve what you want" ... Instructors "I say" take it that bit further, because Kids and the world needs us, they need leaders to step up.
"Get Buzzy Ambition Coach" is about helping Kids realise their dreams through goal skills, that we already teach in class. Apply these to your students personal, family and life goals. Help them get through the G.A.T.E.S. and make good in all areas of their Lives.
* NEXT UPDATE coming soon !! - "Martial artists ...what philosophy are you studying ?

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